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The summer recruitment each year was then compared to annual trends and mortality rates as determined for the breeding populations. C h i c k s were p l a c e d i n t h i s could f l y i n t o i f hatched considered to c o n t a i n e d an house, u n t i l five partly At Lower Quinsam a l l of w h i c h was brooder they 4' x of rearing, pen.

No relevant differences were found in the pre-hatch parameters of recruitment (clutch size, fertility, and hatchability) between areas or years. f e n c e d o f f and hover, plus t h e y were l e f t used c o n s i s t e d of a d i r t - f l o o r e d c o r n e r was 3' equipped 1964, stages hatched i n c u b a t o r , i n the t h e y were was trans- hatching. S u r v i v a l i n t h e g r e a t t i t , P a r u s m a j o r I n t e r n .

To investigate whether Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) type 2 infection is highly prevalent among homosexual men, the prevalence of EBV type 2 was studied among homosexual and heterosexual white men who were at high and low risk for sexually transmitted diseases; these data were correlated with sexual behavior.

The prevalence of EBV type 2 among homosexual men was significantly higher than it was among heterosexual men (39% vs. Among high-risk heterosexual men, prevalence was significantly higher than it was among low-risk heterosexual men (15% vs. In univariate analyses, EBV type 2 infection in homosexual men was significantly associated with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) seropositivity, increased numbers of intercourse partners, non-Dutch nationality, and human herpesvirus 8 seropositivity.

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In multivariate analyses, an independent association with EBV type 2 was observed only for HIV seropositivity and number of sex partners.

These data support the conclusion that EBV type 2 infection is more prevalent among white homosexual men and is caused by sexual transmission.-herpesvirus, causes widespread, persistent infection of the human population [1].

Intention to use SAT was the only independent determinant of SAT use in heterosexuals and men who have sex with men.

Among the 67 SAT users in Rotterdam, 56% (225/402) of their partners at risk were contactable, and 95% (213/225) of those were notified using SAT.

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