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@Oded When I directly access the Gravatar icon gravatar.com/avatar/34bc9c94a87d9cef8d7b410b2bc8a71d , it always is the correct blue one.

After coming here, I told my friends about it and they loved it too.

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Even so, there are about 250 million adults (by the definition used) in the US, and half of them have higher personal income than USD33500, so that still comes to over 100 million people. You might do this as a joke, to comment on the President’s use of the simple county map The problem with the Internet, though, is that people might take it seriously.There are 300 million people in the USA alone, and their median income is higher than ours. There are also interesting blue patches in rural areas that you might need an atlas to understand.This means that the average New Zealander wouldn’t even be the 55 millionth richest person in the USA, let alone the world. For most purposes, it’s better to try to show the votes, such as this from the where the circle area is proportional to the lead in votes You might want something that shows the Electoral College votes, since those are what actually determines the results, like this by Tom Pearson for the Or, you might like pie charts, such as this one from Lisa Charlotte Rost These all try to improve on the simple county map by showing votes — people — rather than land.Our complaints process is designed to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.If you feel a legitimate dispute isn't being resolved, ask about your escalation options.

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