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between the average 7-year-old girl and the average 7-year-old boy) are larger than the age differences (e.g.

between the average 7-year-old girl and the average 9-year-old girl).

“Our findings indicate that cognitive style is a complex variable with multiple dimensions.

Although many of the measures seem to overlap conceptually, we found no simple, strong, interrelationships among them” ((Leonard et al., 1999: 418) There are many learning style models, e.g. (2004) reviewed over 800 texts and studied 13 models in depth.

These are the people who will work from lists and written directions and instructions.

Someone with an Auditory learning style has a preference for the transfer of information through listening: to the spoken word, of self or others, of sounds and noises.

Most American schools segregate kids on the basis of age differences: they put 7-year-olds in one classroom and 9-year-olds in another classroom.

They enjoy participating and working with others but they like a calm ship and fret over conflicts.Kolb's learning styles Preference dimensions | Four learning styles | So what David Kolb has defined one of the most commonly used models of learning.As in the diagram below, it is based on two preference dimensions, giving four different styles of learning.They are generally influenced by other people and like to receive constructive feedback.They like to learn via logical instruction or hands-one exploration with conversations that lead to discovery.

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