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Mop-wielding schoolchildren brought the streets of Brixton to a standstill.

A huge brawl broke out in the streets of London yesterday, as youths – some still wearing their school uniform – smacked one another with stolen mops outside Brixton police station.

The various subgenres and minutely discrete iterations flow together into a cut-rate, bottom-feeding, mass-authored poem of force.As dash cams become more and more common, previously unreported road incidents are getting recorded.While the cause of the fight is unclear, onlookers were left shocked when these four men became involved in a prolonged and vicious road rage-inspired brawl.No serious injuries were reported as a result of the mop fight.Cheap, ultraportable video technology has freed bystanders at street fights to do more than simply shout, "Fight! The result is a growing online video archive of informal fisticuffs.

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