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, Emily Witt describes a friend who refers to “a ‘non-ex’ with whom he had carried on a ‘non-relationship’ for a year.” Witt struggles with the same ambiguities as her friend.

She has relationships with people that she can define only by what they are not.

Effective December 1, Mission Control will be evicted from their apartment ...

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“I’d walk in, having purchased a ticket, and I’d be mauled by lots of men standing naked, beer inside of them — no respect,” Le Jeune said at a cocktail launch party at Monarch bar in So Ma on Feb. Members who pay 0 for a ticket are admitted to play parties, where they can engage in sexual experimentation anonymously and “judgment-free,” Le Jeaune said.

These essays have a common interest in contemporary American sexuality, and range in subject matter from polyamory to orgasmic meditation to the corporate bacchanal of Burning Man to extreme porn shoots in the sketchy side streets of San Francisco. ” is an important question, because it allows that you might not know.

That last essay, on the filming of the online female-directed porn series , where women are bound and punished in front of a room full of strangers, was originally published in 2013 under the title “What Do You Desire? ” is never directly asked in , but it is the animating premise of the book. ” forms both foundational inquiry and narrative momentum. ¤ In the last three years, several books have addressed the conditions that sexually active young women find themselves facing.

In their view, women are held hostage by contemporary “hookup culture,” yet they are blind to the real conditions of their kidnapping.

They focus on young women’s reports of rape and harassment and sexual abuse.

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