Agoraphobia dating

You prefer cozying up safely at home, away from the stress of crowds and public places. Unfamiliar places can induce a panic attack for the agoraphobic and that can make dating extremely difficult.Meeting new people is hard when you are an agoraphobic because it requires you to leave your comfort zone and it is difficult to explain this to someone who has never dealt with agoraphobia before. Join the Agoraphobic dating community to meet others who are just like you.I started messageing him (cos he cant make first moves) and he started to message back, and we developed our friendship.I heard from our friends that he had feelings for me and had no clue or confidence with what to do.

OK, I've been diagnosed with mild agoraphobia (basically, I get very nervous, and can even have panic attacks, if I'm out in a large public forum with a lot of people, specifically people I don't know).Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and myths about panic disorder that may have influenced your view of this condition.It may seem that panic disorder is simply an overreaction to fear, however, it is actually a complex condition with many difficult symptoms.You are currently on the home page of the Agoraphobic Dating Community.If you feel this kwinky dating community is for you then click the 'get started' arrow to be connected to the Agoraphobic Dating Community and start meeting others like you.

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