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Write Ajax applications without having to write a single line of Java Script code.Wicket's Ajax functionality makes it trivial to update selected parts of a UI, and comes with a great selection of basic Ajax components.Pages and Components in Wicket are real Java objects that support encapsulation, inheritance and events.

Only some basic knowledge of Java and html are needed.

However, to get it running right from the start, the jetty webserver is embedded as well. Thus you can directly launch and use the sample application, without the burden of having to install a webserver. This allows a more fine grained way of telling which paths are part of the web application, allowing to put multiple kind of files on the same webserver even if some of them aren't managed by Wicket.

Furthermore, the turnaround time (time of restart) of Jetty is pretty low (I had read that it was among the shortest... It's all you need to have your first Wicket application running !

With a history of over a decade, it is still going strong and has a solid future ahead.

Learn why you should consider Wicket for your next web application.

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