Alicia dating

The German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender climbed the stairs of success after his movies ''Steve Jobs,'' ''X-Men: First Class,'' ''Prometheus'' etc.did great on the box-office and won several awards too.Michael started dating ''The Danish Girl'' famed actress Alicia Vikander in 2014.

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“And I think that’s pretty apparent for anyone who cares — not that everyone does.

They were briefly allowed to reunite in New York to celebrate the German-Irish actor’s 39th birthday, but since then, the Atlantic Ocean has stood between them for a while.

Now that they are together in Australia, they are enjoying all the simple dates that couples go on in the first few months of dating.

Kristen and Alicia actually started as best friends, but speculation that their friendship had turned romantic began at the beginning of 2015, when they started holding hands more and more in public.

Since then, the 26-year-old’s sexuality has been a big topic of discussion in the media, but she’s mostly kept quiet about it until now.

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