Amanda knox still dating

Knox and her ex have been a united front against the allegations… Amanda is in Seattle, trying to avoid extradition, while Raffaele is in Italy facing up to 25 years in prison.In his book “Honor Bound,” he said that during the early days of trial there were many opportunities to betray Knox in exchange for his release, but he never did.During the re-trial, Raffaele reportedly asked Amanda to marry him, in hopes of escaping to the US before the verdict, but she said no.Knox explained on her blog that the idea that ”Raffaele and his defense attorneys have finally betrayed their resentment and started to put distance between him and me legally and personally…Our grassroots organisation has been presenting the facts about the Amanda Knox case since early 2010.Links to our websites are in the menu on the right.that is not the case.” She backed up her argument with an excerpt from an email he sent her.

A prolonged legal process, including a successful prosecution appeal against her acquittal at a second-level trial, continued after Knox was freed in 2011.Knox and her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were both found guilty of killing Kercher, receiving 26- and 25-year prison sentences, respectively.In October 2011, Knox and Sollecito were acquitted and set free.The prosecution responsible for the many discrepancies in their work must be made to answer for them, for Raffaele's sake, my sake, and most especially for the sake of Meredith's family.Our hearts go out to them.”Amanda Knox was tried and convicted for the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, who died from knife wounds in the apartment she shared with Knox in 2007.

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