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withing 5minutes she is dragging me to her flat, and I ended up fucking her hard for the whole night, with the baby sleeping next room.

I left that same morning and I never saw her again. Story #2: About 3 weeks/a month into my stay in china, the ex girlfriend of the guy I used to live with called the cops on him because he owed her money and wanted to get revenge on him.

Whenever I say I'm from the US, most Chinese people exclaim "Oh, America is good. (If anyone has a good answer to that question, please let me know.) Chinese people don't hate you for being American, so don't go sewing maple leaves onto your backpack; most Chinese people won't know it symbolizes Canada anyway.

It may be helpful to read up on common Chinese social customs, though. Since I'm from Seattle, our Chinese food wasn't half-bad.

my friends finds out the same day, he panics and he kicks me out.About four and a half years ago, I hopped on a plane to study abroad in Beijing.While I scoured the internet for information and read just about every blog I could find, I still had so many questions!But surprisingly, beef and broccoli, General Tso's chicken, and fortune cookies are nonexistent in China.I was shocked to find eggplant and tofu as staples.

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