An error occurred while validating jca transport endpoint

Select the Connection Factory The JNDI Name is the same as the EIS name which you need to provide in the DB adapter service. In my case eis/DB/xxxxx Now we only have to provide the XAdatasource with as value the just created datasource Restart the OSB server.

Switch to JDeveloper where we will create a new ESB project.

After that only the artifacts generated by the adapter wizard (WSDL, XSD, JCA config, toplink mappings, ..) are necessary.

The approaches described by the sources mentioned above show how to create a JDeveloper project first, create the adapters and then copy the necessary files into the OSB projects.

The following is a complete listing of fixes for V7.0 with the most recent fix at the top.

( I will create a new ESB Project for every DB adapter, This will make deployment a little bit easier). Now we have to provide the EIS jndi name, this must match with the JNDI EIS name in the DB resource adapter configuration ( which we created in the WLS console on the OSB server)Complete the DB adapter configuration We need this WSDL in the OSB, This WSDL contains the EIS JNDI name and the wanted operation.

We need the toplink classes in the OSB server so we need to make a jar deployment profile.

Start the Oracle Workshop where we make a new folder (with the name of the DB adapter service) in your project.

Import the jar and the WSDL's / XSD of the JDeveloper ESB project.

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