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you signed a pledge that you would not indulge in immoral sex, pre marital sex, that you would not indulge in drugs, alcohol.

i was going back and forth between keeping it and aborting it but in the end we both found it best to abort.

i thought i would be devastated but i'm not, i feel relieved. i was at a reunion party with some old friends from high school, we were drinking a lot, and i ended up having sex with a couple of guy friends.

however, the man is now depressed and i don't know how to help him. psycho groups (like isis) train their soldiers to take large groups of civilians out along with themselves. she just turned 71 years old yesterday, but you cannot tell by her looks, her walk, her strutting across stage and how long she performs. last summer i cheated on my husband of nearly 15 years. i admit that it was fun, but i regretted it immediately afterwards. it is killing me to keep this secret, but i know that he would go apeshit if he ever knew.

suicide bombers have nothing to lose and are prepared to die. i don't care what anyone says, but i would fuc* her in a heartbeat. i've confessed my sin to my priest and all, and i know jesus forgives me, but i live daily with this burden. i went with my older sister to punta cana in the dominican republic. as time went on they were more and more insistent in telling me to try it, i wasn't going to regret it. i really regret making my ex girlfriend sarah get an abortion against her will 12 years ago when i accidentally got her pregnant during her sophomore year of college when she was only 19 and i was 26 and finishing graduate school.

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