Are rodrigo y gabriela dating

“It’s a different proposal but people were ready to open up to dfferent ideas,” Says Sanchez.“I had a very clear idea in my head: I won’t be something that I’m not,” adds Quintero, also 40, in a singsong voice that leaves no doubt that English is not her first language. Having begun their music career in the early Nineties in a heavy metal band, Tierra Acida (“Acid Land”), in Mexico City, they moved to Dublin at the start of the last decade to busk as a duo.

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“For us, a gig isn’t about the artists, but about the total event,” says Rodrigo Sanchez.

He lives in Barcelona My brother worked at an arts centre in Mexico City in the late 1980s, and told me about this cool group of girls taking drama lessons there; he mentioned this girl Gabriela having a laugh all the time, so I arranged to meet her. I told her I was taking guitar lessons and she was like, "I really want to come too." So for us it was always about music, really, even when, shortly after, we became a couple.

Once I knew Gabriela in a more personal way, I thought it would be fun to have her on board with the band, and she really opened up our style.

“It’s about the energy coming back to us from the audience.

Sometimes when we get on stage, we’re so exhausted we know from the first few notes that our fingers aren’t working well.

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