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“For those who have already paid, we are arranging refunds,” said Liu.

“There’s no point going to Bangkok now if you are looking for fun.” Ctrip, China’s main online travel agency, is still offering packages to Thailand,with special reminders that Chinese tourists should be on the best behaviour and refrain from drinking alcohol, wearing colourful outfits or even publicly discussing king’s death to “avoid any unnecessary trouble”.

A slice of green mango offers a quenching respite, bringing an approving smile from my guest, Marilyn, who spent childhood years in Thailand. A stew of kabocha pumpkin chunks and superbly tender morsels of beef came in a creamy red curry vibrant with galangal and lemongrass.

The crunchy threads of green papaya salad were exotic and refreshing, with the fermented sour and edgy spice that comes from mashing the garlic, fish sauce, chiles, and lime juice together ( goes the mortar and pestle).

be here somewhere." Marilyn, the out-of-town guest of my pal, Mike, can be forgiven for wondering if her boyfriend was lost.

As they headed west on Tasker Street, the 1500 block's weathered-brick rowhouses rolled by until they stopped in front of 1516.

But she knew something went wrong almost immediately after, as her face became soft and 'squidgy' to touch.

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'This had become infected and her forehead was very soft and left marks when it was touched.

Tender pads of pork with snappy green beans in pad kaprow glistened with garlicky brown gravy that radiated the fragrant minty punch of Thai basil.

It's a spice-bomb - especially if you go "Thai hot" - that evokes memories for Boonphaya, 32, of his childhood as a 12-year-old immigrant, toting those aromatic home-cooked lunches to his new school in Florida.

After discovering the cosmetic procedure had led to an infection, surgeons were forced to slowly squeeze the gunge out.

They made a small incision in the top of her forehead that allowed them to apply pressure to grip the clump of pus. The area was then stitched up to prevent any further infection, local reports suggest.

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