Asp net validating a checkboxlist control rpg dating simulation games online

(This page is a form that is displayed on a different page.) First I put in the checkboxes and a Custom Validator control on my page.

I would like to use a Custom Validator control, and validate on the server. This has the effect of turning off the client-side behaviors of the validation controls. Hence, our new Required Field Validator For Check Box Lists Web control will extend the class! NET, you will find this task a whole lot easier than if you don't have it, but VS. Since we are interested that at least one item has been selected, we simply return if the to false.JQuery can do this very easily as long as you have something that all checkbox controls have in common to use as a selector such as class (Css Class on your . You can make a simple JQuery function and connect it to a ASP. Remember if you do go the custom validator route to make sure you check it server side as well in case javascript is not working, you don't get a free server side check like the other . For more information on custom validators check out the following links: net and MSDN You don't need to use JQuery, it just makes the javascript function to iterate and look at all your checkbox controls much easier but you can just use vanilla javascript if you like.Here is an example I found at: Link to original Side Note: JQuery is just a little js file include you need to add to your page.

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