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When an owner updates a task, Microsoft Outlook updates all copies of the task — the copy with the person who originally sent the task request, and all copies with all other prior owners of the task.

When the owner completes the task, Outlook automatically sends a status report to the person who originally assigned the task, all other prior owners, and anyone else who requested a report.

When a user marks an assigned task as complete, there is no opportunity for them to comment in the update that is sent.

Users have two options: they can click the Send Status Report button and add notes to the status report or open the task and mark it completed using the Status field or % Completed fields in the task header, not by clicking the Complete command in the toolbar or ribbon.

Access the Task Management Work Center ( See this section and the “Configuring Tasks” section for more information about how to use the links on this page.

See Configuring Tasks Task Management Work Center is a People Tools Portal – Work Center page.

(Ctrl C, V) This makes an unassigned copy but keeps the original intact.

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For each instance, the Administrator roles defined for the template are copied to the instance.

The Tasks/To Do information can be exported as a text file in the VCALENDAR format.

The Web User Interface Tasks functions are available only if the Web Cal Service is enabled in the Account settings and in the Account Domain settings.

And don't forget, when you use the task pad view on the calendar, overdue tasks will be on "today" so you don't have to move them. You can't edit assigned tasks because once you assign it to someone, you no longer own the task.

If you need a copy of the task for your records, you can copy and paste the task.

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