Aubrey drake graham dating rihanna

Many had long dismissed the relationship as just a publicity device to promote an upcoming collaboration together.

It's no surprise that this was coming; the two featured each other on very sensuous, lovelorn tracks on their respective, massive LPs this year, with Drizzy joining the Baddest, Rudest Gal on stage at various stops on her Anti world tour As recently as Ri's Manchester show this week, Drake popped up to perform their gyration nuclear bomb of a hit, "Work," and Drake was filmed giving the all-time fuccboi declaration of "love" about his favorite grind partner.There has been almost no news about the couple ever since that week when they got matching shark tattoos and performed great feats of public displays of affection at clubs.Until then, though, we were dying: Were they secretly in love? And why wouldn’t Drake stop talking about how much he loved Rihanna onstage?He is the Taylor Swift of the rap game and this hip hop star is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve - especially when his rumored love is now consciously coupled with a baseball player.Drake blew fans away by finally dropping his long awaited album, More Life, on Saturday night.

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