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Gelman serves as a vice president at SKDKnickerbocker, a strategic consulting firm with offices in New York, Albany, and Washington, D. On May 7, 2014, she was named contributing editor at Marie Claire magazine.

Skinny and I are very excited to let you guys know that we are expecting TWINS in the spring!!!

But she is equally comfortable downtown, where she lives with roguish fashion photographer Terry Richardson, mixes with young Hollywood and is a fixture at Cinema Society screenings and fashion shows.

“She doesn’t get a lot of time off, so the fact she can do all that is really extraordinary,” said Mr. Gelman generally sends him the day’s news, with commentary, by 7 a.m.

“Hi Audrey,” Marnie Michaels (played by Allison Williams) says, shooting daggers at her rival. Gelman’s role as Marnie’s headband-wearing foil, however, is an extended inside joke. Gelman, 25, is close friends with newly minted Golden Globe winner Lena Dunham, and, by most accounts, is the model for Marnie herself: driven, serious, tightly wound.

These qualities serve her well by day as the spokesperson for Scott Stringer—Manhattan borough president, former mayoral hopeful and shoo-in for comptroller—as she walks reporters through wonky white papers on everything from Silicon Alley to economic abuse as a form of domestic violence.

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