Average length of dating before breakup no cost online dating

I think Monday breakups happen when people are feeling down or depressed. Or, because of all the vacation and adventure, someone may end up cheating which could lead to a breakup.But those feeling smug and secure in the early years of their partnership may want to sit up and take note as new research reveals that couples are now most likely to end their relationships after just two years and nine months.

More in the crash-and-burn and also burn-everything-they-left-at-your-place kinda way.

A year is actually a pretty long time...especially in this day and age when the average attention span is miniscule.

A year includes peaks and valleys in a relationship that you have to traverse to make it through.

It’s impossible to make generalizations about how long a breakup takes to process, because every single relationship and situation is its own special snowflake.

I can’t tell you what it feels like to be a part of breakup, because only you were there to experience it.

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