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He is known for his cut-glass vowels and prep-school image.

So it is perhaps of little surprise that Ben Fogle is something of a stickler for good old-fashioned manners.

The 43-year-old adventurer has called for a campaign to bring back common courtesy after being left 'astonished' at how few people offer their seat to elderly passengers on public transport.

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We had a farmer, a butcher, a doctor, a teacher, and I had a second-rate degree in Latin American studies and could speak a bit of Spanish!' The post prompted a flurry of responses from his 212,000 followers, leading Fogle to suggest: 'Maybe we need to start a campaign to bring back manners?'One follower wrote: 'They cost nothing but are beyond value #bringbackmanners'.Both will be lip syncing to two songs each but as always it's not just the lines they have to nail.Performance and costume will play a role as well as the brand new series of of Lip Sync Battle UK goes bigger than ever before.

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