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They have released 9 singles and their next single "handsome awkward" is to be released in the next year.The band consists of four members: Robert "Bert" Mc Cracken (vocals) Quinn Allman (guitar, back up vocals) Jeph "Jepha" Howard (bass, back up vocals) Dan Whitesides (drummer) Their previous members include brandon steineckert who was the original drummer and founder for the band, greg bester, a guitarist that toured with the band in the 00's and joel (no other name given) who played bass when the used first formed in the 90's.They have always been signed to one record label named Reprise.In 2004, singer Bert Mc Cracken's girlfriend at the time was pregnant with their child and she died from a drug overdose.

Previous drummer Branden, has been chosen by the band rancid to replace former drummer Brett Reed.The used are set to headline the north american taste of chaos. They formed in the year 2000 and have released a number of albums since then. Their latest album is called Vulnerable, and was released in 2012.The band welcomed him immediately and from there on out, Bert took over the vocals.Throughout all of this, the band members suffered from poverty, homelessness, and substance abuse.

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