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has two big advantages on its side: a massive user base and one of the most recognizable names in online dating.

Reviewers say these two factors mean Match is still the traditional online dating site to beat, and they like that the site attracts users of all ages, many of whom seem to want something a little more serious than a fling.

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The site also offers advice for people considering signing up for a dating site, from instructions on how to successfully find a date to reasons to try online dating in the first place.After admitting that this is “new and fairly unusual territory for us” in a recent article titled “Match Me If You Can: Comparing and rating dating apps and sites for boomers,” the ratings giant went about the meticulous work of dispassionately reporting the results of a survey of about 115,000 subscribers in meticulous detail. And a handy guide to dating lingo such as “Netflix and chill” (in case you didn’t know, it’s slang for coming over to have sex) and “Tinderella” (a “twist on Cinderella; popular with male Tinder users to describe the perfect match”) for newbies. Heidi Raschke is the living and arts editor of Next Avenue. Your tech-support provider might not be able to fix your shattered smartphone, but at least she won’t shatter your heart.The stigma that was once attached to online dating has well and truly disappeared – in fact, you’re more likely to raise eyebrows if you’re single and not on any dating apps.Recent years have seen an explosion of dating apps, and there seem to be incredibly niche ones launching every day. For some people, swiping through fellow singles and potential romantic partners is merely a bit of fun and a way to entertain themselves during TV ad breaks.

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