Black planet com dating site

So if you feelin me ge at ur boy,” he wrote on his profile account.

For his profile picture, he wore a white tee shirt, with blue baseball cap that was tilted to one side. Although Kevin wasn’t quite the star he is today, he didn’t hesitate to brag about his skills.

Hi I am a member of My nick name is jessismiles I do not understand why I was banned when i try to log on this is what it says I became a member to make friends and have good decent conversations and to share interests and listen to music and chat also my photo was stolen and someone else try to use it as well as my nick name I think this is not right please do something about it.

There is too many fake profiles on there and scams.

Then he told me his mother was sick and he needed money to save her life in addition to medicine.

Afterwards he needed money to renew his plane ticket the list goes on. He also tried to transfer money into my account which didn't work. I have so much more to mention if you need to learn more you can contact me via e-mail [email protected]

Then they get very disrespectful when you call them on their $#*! It's wrong as two left shoes to steal someone's posts and pictures and posts as if it's them It was a pretty good site but like most of the old social site (myspace) it's gotten worse with age. I reported him to black planet and his username is no longer there, but he is on the site under several different users using the same photos. Hate crime artist anti breast cancer awareness, and pro hate crime minded to treat our White womwen badly.

However the scammers like so many of you mention are easy to spot once you go into their page or once they start to talk to you so I'm not worry about them. I was on that site for less than a month before encountering a scammer from nigeria, but claimed he lived in the US but working in Nigeria.

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It's not cute,it's not effective,and it will be shut down. The gentleman photo he's using is Michael Owen; but the scam artist goes by the name; David Benson [email protected] He posed as a handsome well built man, which he stole the photo from a modeling web site.I am not online to entertain fools,idiots,and those who play games online because they think they are above reproach.I never will lower my standards nor my understanding to suit those who are too damn lazy to have their own mind.

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