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Extant amphibians include frogs and newts or salamanders, who descended from Lissamphibia.Their reproduction involves larva hatched as tadpoles in open water.The information gained in these interviews is building that historical baseline.

Even if you have a great conversation with a person, you're not going to want to bone them if they look like Rex from close to getting it right—the one thing they didn't anticipate: charging money kills erections faster than, I dunno, bees?During the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), the familiar underglazed blue-and-white patterns many people associate with fine "china" were developed, while detailed decorative painting over glaze also became a common technique.Chinese porcelain was exported to Europe as early as the 1100s, but it was rare and only available to the very wealthy.Tom Karrow, a doctoral candidate at the University of Waterloo and a Research Fellow at the University of the Bahamas, has been interviewing fishing guides on Bimini, Grand Bahama, Abaco, Exuma and Andros as part of a BTT project to record their knowledge and incorporate it into future conservation strategies.Specifically, BTT is seeking to document the history of the industry, assess the sustainability of the tourism sector, examine fisheries population dynamics and inventory critical habitats.

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