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And yes, how I looked now became a “thing.” I never before cared much about a new wrinkle or sagging skin; now I lamented how quickly I seemed to age compared to him., which is likely the case since we gal boomers have more than a few (good) years under our collective belts. Although from 2007, statistics showed that in our age group, there were 92 men for every 100 women for those of us aged 55 through 64.Read more » Chad Stone offers expert dating advice, advice about male-female relationships and even marriage advice in his bestseller Confessions of a Middle-Aged Babe Magnet In Confessions of a Middle-Aged Babe Magne, Chad Stone covers all the best points of dating books and dishes up his own unique brand of expert relationship advice.I’m on vacation dear readers and have a treat for you – a guest blog post by *Julie Weinberg.We enjoyed each other’s company, had so much fun together and laughed like crazy all the time. Eighty percent of what anyone talks about with a partner — regardless of age — is the day in, day out minutiae of life: What happened at work, a TV show you watched, a funny interaction you saw at Starbucks. ) he hadn’t even heard of The Breakfast Club and didn’t know a single Billy Joel song. Texas Hold‘em) and places he’d been that are now on my bucket list.This fling turned into a yearlong relationship, and my friends grilled me with questions. I had never used Napster or played a game of Texas Hold’em (which I now love). The Rap music he listened to was new to me, but maybe a guy my own age would be into Country or Jazz and I’d be newly exposed to that. Plus, he had a youthful attitude and outlook that was so contagious.And then there was the time he laughed until he cried when he saw I bought Age Defying toothpaste. I concede the first time we stepped out together and held hands it felt awkward. I also suffer from a strong defiant streak that’s not tempered by other’s opinions. Let’s face it, life is hard and makes one jaded, but it takes years and years for that to happen.I wondered if everyone was staring and judging the inappropriate age difference. Over the course of the year, there were only a couple of times that someone (a waitress or store clerk) hesitated, trying to peg the relationship, “Would you and your, uh, um, friend…blah blah blah.” No one ever called me his mother, which of course, would have been the pinnacle of embarrassment. Dating someone much younger reminded me how great things were when I was less cynical and more open to new things.

The site’s second annual Singles in America study done this year found: We boomers aren’t desperate: Singles over 60 are most likely to insist on a partnership that includes sexual attraction romance; moreover, they are more likely than any other age group to achieve orgasm—a thrilling 91-100 percent of the time! ” I was face-to-face with a young professional woman in her early 20’s who was calling into question my integrity, but I wasn’t offended in the least. As I asked her questions about what life was like for her outside of work, and she admitted living with her boyfriend wasn’t what she thought it would be like. That’s when I suggested maybe she and her boyfriend should live in separate places, and it wasn’t well-received.I was actually happy to have this conversation with her, because I was eager to take the opportunity to give this girl a different perspective on something that could change her life for the better. My husband and I did not live together before we were married and we didn’t have sex before we married, either.” “There is no way! These days, the hook-up culture and cohabitation are normal. Congratulations on realizing you’re not going to “just meet someone” without effort on your part—and your future partner’s. Additionally, the odds for us boomer gals aren’t bad. Right in a bar, in a store, on the beach, or via a friend or family member. When it comes to cohabitation, men want to commit sooner than women: Contrary to popular belief, when dating a new partner, 46 percent of men and 26 percent of women would expect to move in together before they’d been dating someone for less than a year.

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