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; born February 27, 1972) is a satirical character, created and performed by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Official Borat Homesite Borat's Myspace page The Unofficial Borat Homepage Borat movie and TV info In My Country There Is Problem Chords by Borat Kazakhstanis Against Borat Photo gallery for Borat Borat Home Page Classic Ali G and Borat material for you to download New Borat Book Contains 100 Photos of Naked Kazakhstan Women Stop Borat. Unofficial Borat Wars The Unofficial Borat Homepage Borat's Car Picture: Stalin (1915) looks like Borat (2006) Kazakh president laughs off Borat Borat spanked by angry Yank Bush to hold talks on Ali G creator after diplomatic row Borat was right - Kazakhstan misspells 'bank' on money When CNN's Becky met Borat - Borat Banned From Russian Movie Theaters The real stories behind 'Borat' Borat and the anti-Semitism question Did Ali G Go Too Far? judge sides with "Borat" against frat boys Ali G and Fashion Ali G's vs Posh and Beckham Ali G: Dangerous Weapons Ali G Talks About Drugs Ali G Interviews a Doctor HBO: Ali G - Video Clips Ali G Interviews a Feminist Ali G Pisses off Andy Rooney Ali G: Cannes Pr0n Festival Ali G - Who Wants To Win An Ounce Video. Borat: Download every Ali G show ever Radio 1 apologises for Ali G outburst Ali G - Wikipedia The ultimate Ali G website - uk Channel 4: Ali G in da USA HBO: Ali G Ali G's Stateside flop Ali G Translator How does Ali G keep conning famous guests?

- August 13, 2004 in The Jewish Week Taking stupid seriously - Los Angeles Times 'Ali G' Comedian Riles Rodeo Crowd, Sacha Baron Cohen Poses As Patriot, Then Mocks U. War In Iraq # "Offensive and unfair, Borat's antics leave a nasty aftertaste" by Kazakhstan Ambassador Erlan Idrissov - October 4, 2006 in The Guardian Borat vs.

Borat helps Republican candidate James Broadwater who is running for Congress by conducting door to door interviews. A very funny interview, an american politician ends up admitting he believes jews will go to hell, incredible!

Borat Cartoon Borat Goes Wine Tasting Borat arrived at the Toronto Film Festival in a cart being towed by fat women Exclusive Video Q&A With Borat IMDb: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006) Borat Movie Review at Borat Movie at Rotten Tomatoes Borat Getting Amazing Reviews - 96% Positive How'd they get people to be in the Borat movie?

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