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We got to explore both their relationship and their individual relationships to the time period.And we really made an effort to make it not about their lesbianism and more about their love for each other during a dark time (a zombie outbreak). It was just a four issue mini series but we would love to continue their story one day.I loved the choice of Jeremy also having a gay sibling. It really is a great example of the amazing risk-taking content on the web.What would you like our readers to know about your character and the series itself? It’s great that Kit decided there was a lack of gay web content that spoke to the particular things he wanted to talk about and just created his own. Like you said, my character has a good head on her shoulders and has made good decisions (unlike some of the other characters on the show).Absolutely, and referencing that, how much fun did you have working on , because I know most of you guys were all friends going into it.

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Besides film and television series, Brea has appeared in television commercials for companies such as Busch Gardens and Volvo.He initially hosted ‘Pointless Audio’ under the pseudonym captain immy when he was at the age of 14.The show focused on prank calls and was hosted on various gaming sites as Shuga Shack and Planet Quake.You play Jeremy’s sister Bri, who is a lesbian with a young family, who seems to have it pretty much together.I’ve watched the series and it’s a pretty raw and realistic look at commitment (or lack thereof) and modern relationships.

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