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The Dating and Marriage need a well plan, since we want a successful one. While dealing our dating and marriage events, we don't want to have an unhappy ending to waste our time, hurt our heart, even go into the depression mood for a long time.Sometimes, we have the age pressure and don't have time for the next trial.

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Brenda Ross-Dulan oversees 150 banking stores and billion in deposits, and yet she never thought she’d end up in banking. She pursued the idea right through her undergraduate years at Howard University, and indeed took a job as an actuary intern in Connecticut during college and worked in the insurance industry in New York after graduation. “and at that stage in my life I was bit of an introvert.” As she matured, she realized that she had other skills that she wasn’t fully utilizing.

“Everywhere else she’d lived had been very orderly and spotless; and she’d been expected to help keep it that way.” Their paradise becomes endangered, however, by plans to extend the state’s road system with a new bridge, and their quiet hamlet may be swallowed up by the encroaching threat of suburbanization.

Ross is an infinitely humane writer, and her characters in this debut novel burst with humor and warmth.

Her path takes an unexpected turn, however, after a chance encounter with Jake Tucker, a boisterous, light-skinned widower from a rural bend in the Hudson River who has come down to the city to get drunk and meet women.

The two hit it off, and Bibsy returns with Jake to the Beach, his small outpost of black America in upstate New York, where he and his family subsist on hunting animals and growing vegetables.

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