Bus dating show

It carried a secondhand open-staircase body previously carried on Leyland Titan (fleet number TD 111), dating from 1931.Thus bodied, RT 1 entered service in July 1938 as ST 1140, even though it was nothing like a standard ST vehicle. While the chassis was on trial, a new body was constructed at London Transport's Chiswick Works.

Rent a car Alicante airport The route selected will run inland via the A-7 highway instead of following the N-332 route, thus avoiding traffic delays on the N-332, especially during the summer months. There isn't anything even if you make your way into Alicante bus station. Maybe there could be some kind of forum for people to taxi share to Torrevieja (I travel alone so often the taxi costs almost as much as the cheap flights I get!It was the standard red London bus during the 1950s and continued to outnumber the nowadays more famous Routemaster throughout the 1960s.The prototype (London Transport RT 1) was built in 1938 with an AEC 8.8-litre engine (a stopgap measure until the new 9.6-litre was available) and air-operated pre-selective gearbox.It's an interesting twist on the dating format, and Zoe Salmon is a good host, being enthusiastic and bubbly which is what this type of programme requires.It was clearly made on a budget of little more than what it cost in petrol to drive the bus around for an hour or so, but to be fair, a big budget affair is not what was needed here, and it's nice to see Fiver (as was) including a game show within its small number of original commissions.

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