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With 160 guests, we were already at ,600, and with an open bar were looking at a total bill of more than ,000 just for food and drinks!Our total budget was around ,000, so we needed to find a few ways to scrimp and save when it came to the dinner and alcohol.Encased in hand blown glass, the central infuser can be raised with a silicon string once you are happy the desired strength of tea has been reached. Jansen Co My Teapot: £47.50, Designer Anouk Jansen’s bright and jolly tea service is made up mugs, teapots, jugs and cake stands with lids and handles in contrasting colours.The teapot comes in three versions; the fun part is deciding how best to mix and match them with the rest of the collection. Stelton Cylinda-Line AJ Teapot: £209, Danish super designer Arne Jacobsen created this teapot for Stelton, breaking with all the rules of a traditional pot.

Go Simple Your guests will probably be hungry when they arrive at the reception, and most of them will not care what they eat as long as they can have some sort of snack before dinner. Others will leave after dinner is served and will not even be there for the second half to enjoy an open bar.

I was bitter and furious at my girlfriend the night I hired a hooker. I mean, come on, I’m also furious and bitter at Ralph Nader for dropping out of the Presidental elections, but you don’t see me using him as an excuse for the time I got drunk and puked in my friend’s aquarium.

I suppose I could try fobbing this whole wretched thing off on, say, my old teacher Mrs. The drive, however, sucked like a fifteen-year-old virgin with braces.

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we wanted to keep it simple, elegant, and most importantly under budget.

So we were a little shocked when our caterer quoted us her lowest price of per person for dinner – not including alcohol.

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