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Any number of Easy Lobby SVM stations can share a central database (SQL Server or Oracle).

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Please see the signage and payment machines for details.

The Easy Lobby SVM software is the primary application for implementing an automated visitor management system to process visitors – including scanning a government-issued ID, record creation, badge printing, check-in and check-out and watch list screening.

Whether you have guards or receptionists greeting and processing visitors, or unattended entryways where you want visitors to self-register at a Kiosk, Easy Lobby enables your organization to: (Secure Visitor Management) software is the main badge control application.

SVM is installed on a Windows workstation or Kiosk, typically in the lobby, along with any combination of desired hardware peripheral, such as a license scanner, badge printer, camera, signature capture pad, etc. The Administrator software is installed on a Windows workstation (typically the security manager’s computer), and provides all of the critical functionality for managing your Easy Lobby visitor management system.

Just make sure that the time you add on plus the original time you paid for covers your stay.

There is also the option to pay by phone or online (see instructions on machines) and payment can be made any time until midnight on the day of your arrival.

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