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It’s been a wild year in the smartphone world, we’ve seen everything from modular phones, to exploding phones, even an i Phone that can get wet.Smartphones have been integral parts of our lives for nearly a decade now, but there’s still a lot of interesting things happening with them.There is still so much going on with smartphones that it can be hard to find the right phone for phone; virtually any phone you buy today will have fast performance, a great screen, reliable battery life, and a camera that can take incredible pictures.But there are still differences between smartphones in 2016, and you usually won’t discover them until you purchase the phone.Welcome to Teen Filipina, the worlds exclusive source for the hottest Filipina and Thai bar girls in the world.

Terry Ransom, 24, may have been high when he allegedly tried kidnapping the little girl from Macias Cellular & Computers on Friday afternoon. Secrets and skeletons seem to be something we both have in common. I figured out your secret, and you didn’t even have to tell me.Bystanders heard the distraught mom screaming and started chasing after the kidnapper.Police in the area responded immediately and tracked the suspect down to arrest him.

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