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Researchers working with the federal research agency CSIRO outfitted each shark with a satellite tag that tracks water temperature and depth.

In two months, the tags will detach from the sharks, float to the surface of the water and transmit valuable information about the sharks' movements.

What difference does the wheel, limbs and riser make?

How does brace height affect the performance of a bow?

Considered critically endangered by federal law, the rare animals were identified off the coast of Cape York, a remote peninsula in Queensland.

Here’s what you can expect to see on camera as well as some additional information about what goes on off-camera and where our ospreys go when the season is over.

We hope that you enjoy watching this osprey family and continue to submit your questions here or in the Osprey Cam comments.

Bow manufacturer table showing what cams the manufacturers use Cam and a Half vs CPS - All Cam and a Half bows are not created equal There are many versions of the Darton CPS cam on the market today. While the Hoyt Cam and a half features the same basic cam design as the Darton CPS it has quite different technical performance.

The Merlin Cam looks the same as the Darton however the draw length can be changed by modules without using a bow press.

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