Paired with the programmable SARAH 3.0’s autopilot and user interface, Prévinaire said the system has unique capabilities.

“This is a new era because before now, scanners had known limitations when they were used in big aircraft or on a ground vehicle or simply on a tripod,” he said.

Brez pravega makeup-a pa si tega enostavno ne morete zamisliti.

Naša ekipa ima vrhunske izdelke in strokovne roke, ki so navzoče na vseh večjih modnih dogodkih, fotoshootingih in revijah.

UK brands, known for innovation and quality, are highly sought after in China.

Field Copter Partner Flying-Cam will be awarded an technical and scientific award for the SARAH platform, which is also used in the Field Copter project.

“Many British businesses ask us ‘Where do I begin to access the Chinese market?

Common room with 6 to 9 beds (depending on the branch).

Many UK brands have already established themselves in Beijing following the GBBF in 20, including children’s publishers Bloom & Grow, Mc Vitie’s biscuits, Pukka tea, baby-bottle producers Steri-bottle and tea-and-coffee retailers Taylors of Harrogate.

“The Great British Brands Festival has really helped us to promote UK brands and boost their sales,” says Kevin Zhao, managing director of Ever Thames, a Chinese distributor of the British brands Benson & Clegg, Casmara, Cheeky Chomper, Classic Cane, Fulton, Heel, Kent and Markhill.

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