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I'm selling Camstreams as a domain because the site is to close at the end of November and in its current state, I'd prefer not to have to hand it over as a site.

It currently runs across three servers (2 dedicated and 1 VPS) and on old technology (Windows Server 2008, ASP, Windows Media Services).

1) vidioc_s_parm currently takes the usb_lock, but it doesn't do anything with usb nor call any sd functions, so there is no need, really no need at all to take the usb lock, if you disagree please explain why.

Hi Jef, Here are 2 minor fixes from my previous patch set which didn't make it in 0.0.29.

She looks ready to give birth any day now, after her mammoth 15-month pregnancy.13.46 GMT: April the giraffe has had a relaxing morning, but like most expectant mums she appears to be growing impatient to give birth.

She is pacing up and down in her enclosure and looks a little tired.

Chiyoko's litter, the "F-Team" was born on November 10, 2015. All of the red pups are girls and there is 1 Black & Tan boy and 1 Black & Tan girl.

Watch as the fantastic F-team pups grow up before your very eyes!

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