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This software is very useful to people whose graphics requirements are higher than the configuration that they have now.3D analyzer can simulate options like Tn L caps, Enable Pixel shader 1.4 etc. After the update, I could still play my games although I noticed that some of my drivers needed to be updated in order for it to work properly with Windows 8.1.It goes up to 89/85/77% and stops and recycles back to 0% Updating. I want to play and I was wondering if there were any ways i could possibly launch the game without steam updating. I remember when games would come out without having to be connected to another third party A$$Hol*. I dont have that fast of internet service since I'm using the city (houstonwifi) now I'm very irritated because when i click on the launch button it says game isnt ready for play. Steam should fix this updating issue and leave that to a webpage for us to do manualy if we want to. I used a third-party software called Driver Easy for it to scan and help me download the updates required for my drivers.

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Steam is just a delivery mechanism it isn't required for any 3rd party game (read non-steam specific) that I am aware of If its like some games, you do have to validate the serial number with the FEAR 2 company. Sounds to me that you should be looking at just buying it in the store.

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Make sure you have current video drivers and close any other applications that might be running.

You will need a video card that supports at least pixel shader 1.2." Mysteriously, Telltale's The Wolf Among Us launches but unlike before, it starts in windowed mode.

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