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The course covers the basic principles illustrated with examples from advanced practice in applications such as reconfigurable switches, attenuators and filters/tuning networks in such applications pertaining to communications and magnetic resonance imaging.

Recent years have seen renewed interest and increase in efforts directed towards development of technology for high-frequency (microwave and beyond) and high-speed superconducting and cryogenic electronics systems.

The ATAC and HERP system worked by effectively lengthening or shortening the exhaust's tuned length to optimise the reverse pressure waves at the exhaust port.

With the valve open and thereby forcing any escaping mixture back into the cylinder.

A timing unit is mounted in the housing and is coupled to the operating unit for receiving the input signals therefrom.

The timing unit is capable of serving as a clock, and sets predetermined time information in accordance with the input signals from the operating unit.

The NS250R MC11 was introduced in 1985 and was swingarm, unheard of on a road-bike in it's day, along with Honda's trendy Astralight wheels.

Again Honda used the ATAC system similar to the MVX, but had now introduced a nickel-silicone carbide (Nikasil) coating on the cylinders for reduced friction and greater wear resistance.

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It's design and styling was taken directly from the works RS250R's of that era, a bike that was cleaning up in GP's and eventually allowed Freddie Spencer to win both the 250 500 World GP titles in the same season!The MVX250 was available in 19, as a Japanese market only model, but the MBX125 was shipped to Europe where, although not as popular as Yamaha's RD series, still sold extremely well.All MVX, MBX, and trail bike engined MTX (125 & 200 single cylinder versions) used cast iron bores.attempt to capture the 2-stroke road bike market way back in the early 80's. It's chassis was extremely similar in design to the VT250 4-stroke V-twin, complete with the same "in-board" disc brakes.Although many people still associate the MVX's V3 engine with that of the NS400R, there are no common parts between them, and only the configuration and the use of Honda's ATAC (Automatically-controlled Torque Amplification Chamber), an early power-valve system, link the two models.

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