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And OE Christians (theistic evolutionists) see no problem with this dating whilst still accepting biblical creation, see Radiometric Dating - A Christian Perspective.

This is the crucial point: it is claimed by some that an old earth supports evolutionary theory and by implication removes the need for biblical creation.

The error limits on the dates obtained are typically in the range of 5 to 10%.

Our standard cost for OSL dating is £550 VAT per sample but prices can vary depending on the nature and number of samples (see our schedule of charges).

However, once the organism dies, the amount of carbon-14 steadily decreases.

By measuring the amount of carbon-14 left in the organism, it's possible to work out how old it is.

Each radioactive isotope decays by a fixed amount, and this amount is called the half-life.

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The crucial point here is: if YE theory can be established scientifically, then macroevolutionary theory falls!

Accepted Dating Methods Here we outline some dating methods, both absolute and relative, that are widely accepted and used by the scientific community.

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