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Set, a man wearing a rug and a method to improve health care. Nor did they ask upfront for information about only the Holy Spirit asks you to start.

Now it's your turn to admit that you're a lying, cheating, sleazoid ho." Somehow I have trouble recalling seeing the word "ho" anyplace else in The Post, even in reviews of rap music!

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Welcome, Nick, and thanks for joining us Live Online. 12, where the baby is sitting with the dog on a blanket and he says "I keep screaming at them to take some time for themselves -- but then they just pick me up again, which totally defeats the purpose." I feel like that should be plastered on the cover of every "how to deal with your new baby" book. Actually, I don't use a pen - I use a house paint brush. There are a few comics that we would love to have in our collection. My husband and I really like your style and would be interested in any other work you are doing outside the strip for Carolyn (which is hilarious). Nick Galifianakis: Carolyn selects the questions - which we both field and categorize - and then she writes the column and sends it to me. My way's better." Then we toss cartoon ideas around until one of her babies starts crying. Be sure you have the appropriately equal number of men and women. Nick Galifianakis: Carolyn has my Budgy Boo because she went up to New England and bought a house with a white picket fence and then turned into a Pez dispenser - pull a baby out and another pops up in it's place - and I've spent the last couple of years wandering the earth like Kwai Chan Kane. All the while you're living with a dog and scratching yourself while alone.

University Park, Md.: Love your cartoons for Hax's column. Actually I do have some ideas and when they perfect cloning, I may be able to find time to pull it off. My only nitpick is that all your people, especially the women, are either skinny like models, or terribly obese (when there's a weight issue involved). God knows we don't need more anorexia and bulimia in the world! Parents these days seem so intent on never leaving the little darlings that they end up leaving each other. Most of the drawings are 37 feet by 24 feet, so by the time they're reduced for reproduction it looks sharp and fine..should see my scanner - a real chick-magnet. Bowie, Md.: Poster's to Carolyn's chats have occasionally mentioned that your cartoons often stereotype people by appearance. Nick Galifianakis: I spent a year in Santa Monica where people are giving each other coffee enemas. Please also be sure that each are of a variety of sizes, height etc. Ashburn, Va: Long time fan of the illustrations and the column that goes with them.

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