Catholics and interracial dating

The parallel in the context of public policy is also apt, since American law recognizes the legality of divorce and remarriage and the church does not. American law’s time-honored deference to the separation of church and state is very much in evidence regarding divorce.The First Amendment’s admonishment against government interference in religion is respected. Arguably, it’s not the personal sin of the abortionist.So, shouldn’t we expect that how the church responds to the decision is likely to be implemented in law and policy in regards to religion?Catholic teaching states that any sexual relationship outside of the sacrament of marriage is wrong.Hence, those in same-sex relationships and those remarried without annulment are in pretty much the same position from the perspective of the church.

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So, after the California ruling upholding Proposition 8 and as more states pass laws in support of same sex marriage, how much longer before the law of the land applies to all its citizens, gay and straight alike?It is difficult to believe now, but it took courage to stand against the political culture of those states in 1967 because racism and a concept of racial purity was so strongly imbedded in the local populations.What people are surprised to learn, however, is the extent of Catholic involvement in the California Supreme Court decision that led the Nation away from institutionalized racism when it held in Perez v. Destro Most Californians know that the Catholic bishops of California strongly supported Proposition 8 that restored the definition of marriage between a man and a woman in November 2008.Most do not know that Catholics also strongly opposed race-based marriage laws and argued strongly for their abolition.

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