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But he was wrong, as are many other attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and juries, who overestimate the precision of cell-phone location records.Rather than pinpoint a suspect’s whereabouts, cell-tower records can put someone within an area of several hundred square miles or, in a congested urban area, several square miles.This software cannot be used remotely from scratch.At some point the spying software HAS TO BE UPLOADED to the target cell phone.Yet years of prosecutions and plea bargains have been based on a misunderstanding of how cell networks operate.No one knows how often this occurs, but each year police make more than a million requests for cell-phone records. of Cherry Biometrics, a consulting firm in Falls Church, Virginia, told me.We offer a private and secure connection and have thousands of available phone sex operators ready and waiting for your call!

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On May 28th, Lisa Marie Roberts, of Portland, Oregon, was released from prison after serving nine and a half years for a murder she didn’t commit.

A key piece of overturned evidence was cell-phone records that allegedly put her at the scene.

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