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Not to get too frustrated one time and just go a bit too far. I've said for fu*k sake under my breath before answering to my name for the 100th time that day only to be told it's ok now Mummy then 2seconds later Mummmyyy. To me smacking basically means you have lost control. We have the naughty step for the last resort but they get warned and talked too about their actions. Smacking doesn't resolve anything, everyone gets upset and the kids become scared. It annoys me when people say if you don't smack then they will become brats. Smacking will teach them its okay for people to do that to you and it's okay to do it to others which we try teach them not too so it's contradicting yourself. I think there are other ways of disciplining which do not involve violence.

I was smacked as a child, gosh I even had the belt! I'm not some stuck up posh parent either lol incase I get attacked for my opinion. I cringe when I'm out and a parent smacks their child in public. My partner threatened to smack our daughter once and he's never done it again as I went off on a big tangent saying how i believe it makes them vulnerable.

Of course her new employee Leonard is very sorry for his mistake but Miss Amanda is not impressed! After sending Her naughty husband to the corner with a red butt Miss Chloe announced that She was sick of his lazy and disobedient ways and that She believes he needs regular discipline to remind him to behave!

After all, he ALWAYS behaves when She has just spanked his bare ass for him!

Funny how guys are always different when their butts are sore!

So Miss Chloe decides that from NOW ONWARDS She will be scheduling additional spankings for him on set days of the week.

Sexually Explicit Material This website provides access to material, information, opinion, content and commentary that includes sexually explicit material (collectively, the Sexually Explicit Material).Miss Chloe will hear none of his protests, it is for HER to decide on any issues to do with his discipline and NOT him!Today he will receive his first scheduled spanking ON TOP of an already sore ass! See Video as DVD or Digital Download at Fem Dom Spanking Store See Video at Domination Theater.In a manner similar to other live cam sites, Live Jasmin will allow you to sign on free of charge.Once you have made your account in this manner, you will be able to browse the profile of the members and go into the non-nude group chit-chat segment of the website.

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