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The film uses highly structured repetitive dialogue, mostly consisting of Her narration, with Him interjecting to say she is wrong, lying or confused, or to deny and contradict her statements with the film's famous line "You are not endowed with memory." Although He disagrees and rejects many of the things She says, he pursues her constantly.The film is peppered with dozens of brief flashbacks to Her life; in her youth in the French town Nevers, she was shamed and had her head shaved as punishment for having a love affair with a German soldier, which she juxtaposes with the loss of the hair "which the women of Hiroshima will find has fallen out in the morning." According to James Monaco, Resnais was originally commissioned to make a short documentary about the atomic bomb, but spent several months confused about how to proceed because he did not want to recreate his 1955 Holocaust documentary Night and Fog.All these sexy assets were already familiar to some of us but some of us who have known this talented actress for a few years have been wondering what kind of delights, Clotilde was hiding under the mini-skirts and sexy outfits she is used to wearing in most of her films .Well if you see this raher funny film, you'll get all the answers to your indiscrete questions. The shot is not very long but believe me this very sweet sight will stay in your memory for a long timme.Later, in his limo, he snorts cocaine off her breasts and I'm pretty sure her left nipple kept trying to make an appearance.Regina Lampert, a Paris based American, has decided to divorce her Swiss husband, Charles Lampert, because of the secrets and lies that have pervaded their marriage, she coming to the conclusion that she no longer loves him and really knows nothing about him.Before she can make that request to Charles, he is found dead, seemingly pushed off a Paris to Bordeaux train.While Regina was on holiday in Megève, Charles sold all their possessions making 0,000 in the process, and seemed to be on his way to the coast to leave the country for South America probably for good.

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Nijūyojikan'nojōji, Twenty-four-hour affair) is a 1959 drama film directed by French film director Alain Resnais, with a screenplay by Marguerite Duras.

It is the documentation of an intensely personal conversation between a French-Japanese couple about memory and forgetfulness.

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