Chat ez downside of internet dating

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Nobody likes a sore loser, but a sore winner is even worse.

"ADAC", "PC" und "TÜV" sind demnach Akronyme, "Abk.", "lt.", "Betr." oder "kpl." jedoch nicht.

Akronyme in der Chat-Sprache - In der Chatsprache werden Akronyme häufig verwendet, um eine Handlung oder eine Gemütslage auszudrücken.

It's one thing to fail in a match of Overwatch, but it takes out all the good sportsmanship when your opponent messages you a mocking "gg ez" (lingo for "Good game. That's why Blizzard has taken to filtering this phrase into very different messages in its latest public testing realm.

Ein weiteres häufig verwendetes Akronym ist AFK () und wird häufig nach dem eigenen Nickname verwendet, um längere Abwesenheiten zu zeigen. Durch Anklicken des entsprechenden Buchstaben vom Alphabet springt man zur Tabelle dieses Anfangsbuch-staben.If you want to know what's changing there, we have an Overwatch Season Two news post at that link. Oh, there is a Route 66 spray coming too, so yay for that. The big news out of this is that there's a free trial coming, so it will be easier to convince your pals to pick it up. These phrases were dug up when people went rummaging through the files: "Sorry, the Overwatch Free Trial is not available at this time", "Group members using trial cannot enter competitive play", "Not available for trial".

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