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Provide unauthenticated devices a separate SSID, with instructions that it is for limited personal use, and carries fewer guarantees.Put the SSID with WPA2-PSK in its own separate VLAN and VRF that does not have access to the segment with authenticated devices or resources of interest (maybe only a single route outward to the public internet, no mechanism to get back to the campus network). Configure the Wifi Access Points to log (via SYSLOG or other mechanism) to a server where you can carve-out the records for station associations / disassociations. All steps above makes WAP4410N fail to extend the signal range of E2500.** WAP4410N successfully works as a repeater to extend the signal of E2500 when there is no password to be set on both devices. We are attempting to upgrade wireless infrastructure by moving to Wireless-N and WPA2 security. The wireless setting are being deployed to end users via Group Policy. Occasionally, the wireless status will transition to "Validating Identity".It works fine when there is no password to be set on both devices. But when either one of these devices had beenset a password on it, then WAP4410N failed to extend the signal of E2500. When going through the process of setting up the Radius Client I need to provide an IP Address.

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that do no support WPA2 Enterprise and I'm therefore looking for dorm-level solutions, e.g. I don't want the security to be weakened and I prefer not having an open network, with a captive portal, as mac adresses are easily cloned and data traffic is not encrypted.Also, to help mitigate the problem I have a script that auto-reboots all the access points every 2 hours.But even with the auto-reboot script, i'll run into 1 or 2 a day where I have to manually reboot the device, and again it can be any one of the more than 20 that we have on premise.Current firmware that seems to be the least problematic is firmware Hi all, Im having problems with setting up my cisco WAP4410N as a repeater to extend the signal of cisco E2500.

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