Clueless at dating

I thought I was pretty give and take-I know the whole “if he’s interested he’ll call” phrase-but I’ve been chided a lot recently by (THREE in one week) guys who didn’t think I was interested because I wasn’t texting all the time, or available that weekend I don’t want to lead a relationship, and I want a man who will take charge a bit-someone who can take the reins, plan the date, etc. I know the whole “If he’s interested he’ll call” idea-but sometimes I think they fade because I didn’t ask THEM out. Specifically, I used to work with a guy a year ago 12 years older than me. I thought about him the other day and text-asked if he’d like to get a drink with me if he was still single-and sent him some recent pictures.

He said he’d love to have a drink sometime…when I brought up a day I was free he said his son’s baseball game was that day and he didn’t know about the next week but to check in with him.

This show is the only thing that makes us want to repeatedly bash our heads against a wall more than level 460 of Flappy Bird.

Honestly, we have no clue what is going on, other than the fact that every character is lame and none of them are funny.

So I did- He just answered how his son’s game went and said my offered day wouldn’t work-he didn’t suggest an alternate time.

So, I know the whole “He’s just not into you.” Even if he said he wanted to get a drink.

is one of our absolute favorite movies from the ’90s because, well, it’s fantastic.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Lately I’ve been having communication issues with dates.It’s funny and totally relatable because it showcased a lot of the awkwardness we experienced in high school.(Except we didn’t end up dating our stepbrothers, which is fine.) While the characters in were in fact clueless most of the time, we still ended up learning a lot of dating tips from them. There’s no need to be shoving your tongue down your boo’s throat in the middle of the hallway. While I personally think it’s weird that Cher gets together with her stepbrother, it provides a good lesson.

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