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Recently, he celebrated the first quarter of 2017 by getting engaged to his boyfriend Jeff Leatham.The pack's unauthorized nightly runs outside result in the death of local hunter Stan Patterson, who shot Charlie.Nick Monohan and his family move from Chicago to a quiet, upscale planned community called The Gates, where he will be chief of police.They soon realize that their neighbors are not who they seem to be.And the whole thing is seriously cute because Colton and Skyler Samuels, aka Chloe King, are BFFs from when they worked together on another show, The Gates.Skyler said: “We always said whoever gets their own show first has to have the other one on. And sure enough, there was the perfect role for him.” As for Skyler appearing on Teen Wolf? I can be like, ‘Listen, this has to work both ways here, pal’.” Are you excited to see Colton on Nine Lives?Thomas Bates insists on escorting his daughter to the ball before revealing the impact of her succubus heritage kicking in, for now passed on for 'kissing disease' mono.Brittany Snow 's " Love Is Louder " campaign is taking it to the next level -- with a newly launched initiative to spread the word in another language.

There either is or is not, that’s the way things are. The series was created by popular You Tube personality Hank Green and Streamy Award winning web video writer Bernie Su. The 27-year-old actress met up with Bella Thorne, her sister Dani, Colton Haynes, Serayah, Skyler Samuels, and Alexandra Shipp on the front row. LIVE Event Deck on Friday night (June 10) in Los Angeles.Sheriff Nick Monohan and his loyal deputy investigate, but the corpse was removed timely by coach, who furiously blames and suspends Brett Creski.The sheriff confides in his wife, who still hides her provocative Christian Harper ex's presence, that he had to leave Chicago after actually illegally executing a suspect of serial rapes and killings.

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