Consolidating and accelerating exports in bangladesh

Adaptations If you create an adaptation of this work, please add the following disclaimer along with the attribution: This is an adaptation of an original work by the Government of the People s Republic of Bangladesh and The World Bank. Over the next decade, the most important development challenge for Bangladesh will be to provide more and better jobs to its workers, as more than 20 million people join the labor force.Views and opinions expressed in the adaptation are the sole responsibility of the author or authors of the adaptation and are not endorsed by the Government of the People s Republic of Bangladesh and The World Bank. Achieving this goal will require Bangladesh to connect more deeply to the world market for garments and other labor-intensive products.Small, medium and large family owned conglomerates dominate over Bangladesh's 5 billion economy, which has grown at an average rate of 6 percent in the last decade.

More and more Chinese businessmen are willing to invest in Bangladesh and the growth rate of direct investment is accelerating.In fact, since the spring of this year, Jiangsu Chunlan Import & Export Co. has sent trade and technical backbone in southern Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and other areas of customer visits, market research and technical guidance, focus on the development and consolidation of exports amounted to 500 - 10 million dollar overseas agents and engineering exporters, and with the relevant customers further to expand areas of cooperation and share in-depth exchanges.In accordance with the Chunlan Group headquarters issued 2017 to 2020, the four year development plan, to 2020, Jiangsu Chunlan import and Export Co., Ltd.In recent years, the company through the introduction of technology and equipment, Chunlan air conditioning parts, assembly line up a number of new air conditioning, and air conditioning products sold to the assembly across bangladesh.At the beginning of this year, the company also purchased large quantities of Chunlan air-conditioning parts, as for the formation of large-scale sales momentum, inviting experts to conduct sales and production of Chunlan guidance to its.

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