Consolidating debt to mortgage

If you have multiple credit card accounts or loans, consolidation may be a way to simplify or lower payments.If you are thinking about debt consolidation, you might want to first consult a non-profit credit counselor.So should you consolidate student loans into a mortgage?Rolling student loan debt into a mortgage (also known as “debt reshuffling”), allows you to refinance your mortgage with either a new loan or an additional home equity loan.The money from this new loan can then be used to pay off your student loan debt.This can be very attractive, particularly to those with sufficient home equity.Ameri Save Mortgage Corporation offers a wide array of mortgage products, including VA, USDA, Non Conforming and FHA. We closed and had our refinancing completed within 30 days.Ameri Save Mortgage Corporation offers in-house processing, underwriting, closing, and funding, so that we can better serve you personally and minimize delays. Any questions we had during the process were answered promptly and everyone we spoke with via phone was courteous and knowledgeable.

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Our goal is to provide affordable rates with expert customer service to every applicant.An interest rate "cap" limits how high the interest rate may rise at each adjustment. Depending on market conditions at the time you lock your Initial Interest Rate, as well as the point option you select, your Initial Interest Rate may not be based on the Index used to make later adjustments.Instead, your Initial Interest Rate may have a discount or premium.Here’s what you need to know if you are considering these options for consolidation: Transferring different debt balances to one credit card account Many credit card companies offer zero-percent or low-interest balance transfers to allow you to consolidate your debt on one account.This will allow you to make one payment and sometimes will result in lower payments.

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