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Though Nixon's concept for the new series was "built along the classic soap formula of a rich family and a poor family," she was "tired of the restraints imposed by the WASPy, noncontroversial nature of daytime drama." Nixon would go on to create All My Children in 1970 and Loving in 1983.

The initial main titles of the series featured the image of a roaring fireplace, a visual representation of the originally proposed title — Between Heaven and Hell — ultimately changed to One Life to Live to avoid controversy.

Her placement in the public spotlight allowed Price to expand into a variety of different industries including television, books, fashion and music.

"Danielle too confirmed the news on twitter two weeks ago that she would be getting married soon.

In fact, I first met AB in my dad's farm and over the years I really got to know him and respect him a lot," Swart said."AB is so different when he is not playing.

I love his sense of humour and the way he connects with his family."He is a family-oriented man and is very close to them and shares everything with them, which is a rare quality these days."They've remained close friends for over six years but their love bloomed two years back.

It’s a life of long hours on the road, followed by taking bumps inside the ring, followed by more hours on the road.

Wrestlers are often tired, working for almost 300 days a year and hardly get time to spend with their family.

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